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Lassithi: Everything you need to know

Agios Nikolaos Lassithi

Lassithi is the easternmost region of Crete. It is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Crete, as it offers many opportunities for relaxing, sightseeing and many more. Its capital is Agios Nikolaos, a very beautiful and picturesque village, with many taverns for eating local food and many sandy beaches for swimming. Lassithi is surrounded by archaeological sights and nice beaches and is also famous for its big Vai forest, which is the biggest palm forest in Europe. There, you can enjoy a swim in the homonymous beach while enjoying the beautiful exotic surroundings of the forest.

Lassithi is a very diverse area with mountain ranges spreading around it amphitheatrically and small villages on the hillslopes. In this region of Crete, you can enjoy the beautiful traditional architecture of the inhabited areas but also explore the unspoiled environment that is all around the area. In the villages, you can also attend many cultural events and activities which range according to the season.

Wai forest Lassithi

On the eastern side of the region, you will find the famous islet of Spinalonga, the former leper colony with its rich history. Other worthwhile sights include Gournia and Petras where you can see old remains of the Minoan culture. Moreover, one of the most worthwhile experiences in Crete is the view to Lassithi plateau which allows you to admire the endless horizon. You can explore the area by car and also visit the island of Chrissi with a boat from Ierapetra.

Spinaloga Lassithi

For nature lovers, Lassithi offers a wide range of opportunities. You can enjoy trekking in the various deep gorges that are to be found around the area of Lassithi. You can walk down the Gorge of the Dead in Kato Zakros or visit the Richtis Gorge on the northern side between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia. The gorge of the Dead features a lot of caves which look like tombs and a lot of sights along the way including the village of Ano Zakros and Zakros Palace. The Trekking time is about 2 hours until you reach the beautiful seaside village of Kato Zakros.

The Richtis Gorge is also one of the top picks of visitors. Trekking time is estimated around 3-4 hours and difference in height between the starting point of Exo Mouliana and the beach is about 350 metres. As the route unfolds, you will find yourself between the river and the trees and this breathtaking landscape in the heart of Lassithi. The route ends at Richtis beach, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim .

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