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Sightseeing near Makry Gialos

Crete is not only famous for its amazing lifestyle and traditional Raki drink but for its many sights. One can enjoy the diverse landscape of Crete as well as choose from a variety of sightseeing opportunities. Lassithi area might not be the most famous part of Crete, but still - the rich landscape of the place and its tranquil ambience will enchant you at first sight.

Ierapetra Crete

Right next to Makry Gialos, you will find the city of Ierapetra with the local street market at the harbor which is also an ideal option for you and the whole family. You can enjoy the various handmade goods that are being sold at the street stalls, admire and explore the old houses and streets that compose the small town of “Kato Mera”. On your way, you will also have the chance to see the old traditional churches which are fully renovated and possess their own private history.

Koufonisi island is an amazing opportunity if you want to get out from it all and enjoy a truly exotic experience. You can enjoy a day trip to Koufonisi with a short boat ride in the morning and come back in the afternoon. The island is uninhabited but has an interesting history because it was the seat of the purple dye production factory for royal garments which was very valuable in Ancient Years. Moreover, the untouched beaches and unspoilt nature of the island as well the ancient debris that are found all across the island make it an excellent pick for exotic holidays.

Ancient villa Makry Gialos

It would also be worth your time if you visited the Minoan Villa dating back to the Minoan Ages. The Villa is very impressive to the date while it is considered to be a miniature of the Minoan Palace. Certain finds have proved that the Villa was also used for religious purposes. It is situated in the west of Makry Gialos and has been excavated in 1973 and 1977. It is certainly a top pick for all those who are interested in ancient history. In Katovigli, you will also find the remains of the ancient Roman Villa with the rich mosaic floor and the underground heating system. The villa dates back to 1st century B.C and finds from it can be found in the Archaeological Museum of Sitia.

Kapsa Monastery (Monastery of Agios Ioannis Kapsas) is situated east of Makry Gialos and just 7 km away. It is mostly supported that Kapsa Monastery was built around the 15th century and it was later used as a refugee during the Second World War. The story of the Monastery suggests that the man who lived there, namely Ioannis Gerodoyiannis, renovated the monastery and dedicated his life to Christian love after his daughter has been burnt in a fire. Later, many pilgrims would go there to seek his healing hands. The monastery and the nearby cave where the Saint lived have acquired special meaning for the area while the monastery is built on a mountain slope, offering sea view.

Crete is also famous for its many nice and picturesque villages. Pefki, Sitia, Agios Nikolaos and Ierapetra are only a few to choose from.

Siteia Crete

Sitia offers the amazing pine tree of Vai, the biggest pine tree in Europe.

Near Agios Nikolaos, you can also visit the famous Spinalonga island. In Ierapetra you can visit the Kule fortress and the artificial lake of Bramiana.
Whatever you might choose to do, there is always something to do in Crete island!

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